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Appalachian Crime

book cover for Burning Without Knowing

Innocence is lost early and only its illusion masks the darkness burning deep within, ensured to rage on by the sins of our fathers. For Shawna, the untimely demise of a southern West Virginia copper thief spirals her life out of control. The death forces her into a world of corrupt officials, psychotic criminals, and vindictive women blazing a trail of violence. Will the price of her fatherís sins force Shawna to make new ones of her own? Sins that will pull her deeper into the bottomless chasm of her own darkness.

Mike Mallow

Mike Mallow

Mike Mallow is an award-winning newspaper producer and author of the Echo Suite Saga and In the Country Dark series of books. He was twice named Pendleton Countyís Young Professional of the Year, and was named to the West Virginia State Journalís 40 Under 40 in 2012. Formerly from Franklin, WV, Mike lives in Benson, Minnesota with his wife and daughter. His favorite authors are Harper Lee and Colson Whitehead.