*** Science Fiction & Fantasy ***


Echo Suite Saga #1

book cover for Heartspark

Bounty and bounty hunters. An intergalactic courier with a special package to deliver. A mysterious black hole poised to devour...

The Raconteur

Chronicles of the Dark Languages #1

book cover for The Raconteur

The wind howls. Unnatural. Tormenting. Primeval. A foretelling of dark arts, forbidden secrets, dead races reborn. An enchanting tale...

The L Section

book cover for The L Section

Purgatory is a curious place. A way station for undecided Souls. Bureaucratic, perplexing, and ambiguous. Not a destination...


Galactic Dynasty #1

book cover for Starward

DNA, the schematic for life, and so much more. For the long dead aliens, it’s a message media of treachery and treason through...


Galactic Dynasty #2

book cover for Vagar

An alien outpost, an evolving computer, and a secret DNA-imbedded message. A combination that spells...


Galactic Dynasty #3

book cover for Lineage

Lineage – For all of us, the link from past to present… and to the future. DNA that carries more than traits binds Rosa...


Galactic Dynasty #4

book cover for Joja

Murder, mayhem, and mystery. What drama is made of. Not what you want when trying to impress...