*** Paranormal & Supernatural ***


Annals of Ellie #1

book cover for Vivication

Sketching is one thing, drawing is something totally different. That is if you are Ellie Marshall. Ellie loves to sketch, to escape...


Annals of Ellie #2

book cover for Perspicacity

Events from the past, secrets of the future, all mix to confuse and confound. Hormones and naiveness plague Ellie as she navigates her special talent...


Annals of Ellie #3

book cover for Peregrinate

Travel, adventure, and romance. What most young women dream of, including Ellie. But her adventure and romance are not...


Annals of Ellie #4

book cover for Futurity

The future awaits all of us and with it, the unknown and uncertainty. This is true for even a Seer like Ellie who sketches...

Prophecy Revealed

The Soul of Arial #1

book cover for Prophecy Revealed

A prophecy is given and a Soul is named. Change is coming and the soul must be found. Rulers fret, winged warriors hunt, and Arial eludes. But for how long?


The Soul of Arial #2

book cover for Underworld

Underworld. Where a cruel tyrant rules, female souls are Pets for pleasure, and winged warriors enforce his will. The 100-year Prophecy binds Arial...

Transition Finale

The Soul of Arial #3

book cover for Transition Finale

Arial must choose. The prophecy must be fulfilled or all that is known will end. There is no good or bad, only ugly. With no good...

Blood Origins

Black #1

book cover for Blood Origins

Red pain, Red need, Red hunger... Nightmares filled with red, dripping with death. The lines between predator and prey have...