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book cover for Awakening Iris

Dreamcatchers and dreams. Iris has them both. Dreamcatchers to catch her bad dreams. And dreams of what life was, but none of what life could be. Until her familiar Stranger engulfs her life and changes everything. Is he a new dream of the future or destined to be a repeat of the past? Can she allow herself to love again or will the pain from the past be too great?

Jessie McClain

Jessie McClain

Jessie McClain lives in Indiana and is married with two children. She loves music, reading, writing, archery, being in the woods, wolves, tea, mythology, and any dreamcatcher that she sees. Jessie enjoys being with her family and studying medicinal herbs and mythical characters in her spare time and can often be found with either a book or guitar in her hand. She has been writing since she was fourteen and her first favorite writers were Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, and Emily Brontė.